Founded in 1990, Plasticraft Corporation offers over thirty years of experience in the plastic molding business. Our success in manufacturing unique hollow components is the result of experience, commitment to quality, and a highly motivated employee family.

Craftsmanship in molding and finishing is our most valuable asset. Each employee understands the process and takes pride in doing their job right the first time. Plasticraft has a strong focus on product requirements, durability, function, and end use. We take pride in evaluating customer applications and implementing the best possible solution.

Our approach is to engage with the customer to fully understand requirements and bring together all key players creating a collaborative team to address the numerous details of a product launch. From design assistance to product delivery – we work through every detail.

Plasticraft is a technological leader in the manufacturing of molded hollow plastic parts – from straightforward designs to the very complex. We match customer requirements to the appropriate level of technology. Our goal is to facilitate ideas into reality.

We promote a customer focused culture enabling our associates to provide outstanding customer service through process simplification, personal responsibility and teamwork.

Plasticraft is a private, closely held corporation with deep ties to the history of manufacturing in Wisconsin. We have two sister companies which provide additional capabilities via custom and high volume metal fabrication as well as large scale warehousing. Our history and location make Plasticraft an ideal partner.

At a Glance

  • On-time delivery ratio is equally as impressive.
  • Ease of transport, utilizing a nearby interstate highway system, distributing throughout North America
  • Growth and expansion to satisfy our customer’s needs.